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What is the classification of solar energy and solar energy?

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What is the classification of solar energy and solar energy?
What is the classification of solar energy and solar energy?

What is the classification of solar energy and solar energy?


What is the classification of solar energy and solar energy?

Solar energy:

Solar energy generally refers to the radiant energy of sunlight. The main forms of solar energy use are the three main methods of solar thermal conversion, photoelectric conversion and photochemical conversion.


Solar energy in a broad sense is a source of many energy sources on the earth, such as wind energy, chemical energy, and potential energy of water, which are caused or converted into energy by solar energy.


The methods of using solar energy mainly include: a solar energy pool, which converts energy contained in sunlight into electric energy through photoelectric conversion; a solar water heater that uses heat of sunlight to heat water and uses hot water to generate electricity.


Classification of solar energy:


1.Solar photovoltaic

A photovoltaic panel assembly is a power generating device that produces direct current when exposed to sunlight, consisting of a thin, solid photovoltaic cell made almost entirely of semiconductor material, such as silicon. Since there is no active part, it can be operated for a long time without causing any loss. Simple photovoltaic cells provide energy for watches and computers, and more complex photovoltaic systems can illuminate the home and power the grid. The photovoltaic panel assembly can be made in different shapes, and the components can be connected to generate more power. In recent years, photovoltaic panels have been used on rooftops and building surfaces, and even as part of windows, skylights or shelters, which are often referred to as photovoltaic systems attached to buildings.


2. Solar thermal energy

Modern solar thermal technology polymerizes sunlight and uses its energy to produce hot water, steam and electricity. In addition to using appropriate technology to collect solar energy, buildings can also use the sun's light and heat by adding appropriate equipment to the design, such as giant south-facing windows or building materials that absorb and slowly release solar heat.


3. Solar photosynthetic energy

Plants use sunlight for photosynthesis and synthesize organic matter. Therefore, it is possible to artificially simulate plant photosynthesis, synthesize a large amount of organic matter required by humans, and improve solar energy utilization efficiency.


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