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We’ve studied the samples carefully. The surfaces and the material (really light) are amazing and the general quality is good.

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Regardless of the German sloppy, I would like to express my great compliment to you personally and the whole team at Shinesolar. I have deep respect f

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thanks for the greetings regarding the holidays. We are back from Greece and we are still happy about the great solar panels from you.

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In lamination steps ,the following layers are stuck together through the vacuum:


Back Sheet-EVA-Solar Cell-EVA-Glass ,namely through the cross-linking which takes place at process temperature of approx.145℃ and usually lasts 16 minutes . In the step,long-chain polymers are cross-linked by adding additives .What is important here is the degree of the achieved cross-linking.Each batch supplied to production is checked chemically by us when it reaches the laboratory ,to see whether the achieved degree of the cross-linking is at least 80%.


Suntellie Controls the parameters of the lamination process for each lamination run according to the manufacturer's data for EVA (abbreviation for ethylene vinyl acetate;a transparent plastic layer),since the parameters differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.What is decisive for us is a test ,which checks the cross-linking of eva.EVA protects the solar cells against corrosive influences from outside . The solar cell is so to speak "encapsulated " and thus protected against water ingress.




By the step the aluminum frame is installed to the laminated module to increase the intensity of the module components and it's further sealing of the cells in order to extend the module lifespan .


Silicon gel is filled between the frame and glass.No gap for air coming into the module .




Electrostrictive the detection method of the light emitting( Electroluminescence.EL),using an electroluminescent light-emitting principle for crystalline silicon solar cells and components of the near-infrared imaging test is promptly detected by the EL test chart solar cells and components may exist defects ,is an effective detection of the cell,the method of assembly .The EL test play an increasingly important role in solar module quality analysis and control.




The purpose of the test is to calibrate the output power of the module ,and test its output characteristics to determine the quality and grade the product. The measuring is carried out strictly according to STC(standard test Conditions )



Quantity and Warramty:


1. No less than 97% output power in the first year .
2. No more than 0.7% annual declination since the second year.
3. 25-year Warranty at 80.2% power output .
4. Enhanced design for easy installation and long-term reliability .

5. Rigorous quality control meets the highest international standards.
6. High-transmissivity low-iron tempered glass, strong aluminium frame.
7. Using UV-resistant silicon.
8. IS09001/14001/CE/TUV/UL
9. EL testing.

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