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What technology does solar energy use?

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What technology does solar energy use?
What technology does solar energy use?

What technology does solar energy use?


What technology does solar energy use?


There are many technical problems involved in solar energy utilization. However, according to the characteristics of solar energy, there are four common technologies, namely solar energy collection, solar energy conversion, solar energy storage and solar energy transmission. Combining these technologies with other related technologies can be carried out. The actual use of solar energy - photothermal utilization, photovoltaic utilization and photochemical utilization.


The heat utilization of solar energy is to convert the radiant energy of the sun into heat energy. The device that achieves this purpose is called a “collector”. Due to the different purposes of use, the collectors and the systems that match them are of various types and have different names. For example, solar energy is used for cooking, it is called "solar stove"; for generating hot water, it is called "solar water heater"; for drying equipment, it is called "solar dryer" and so on.


Photoelectric conversion of solar energy refers to the process by which solar radiant energy photons are converted into electrical energy through a semiconductor material. This is commonly called the “photovoltaic effect”, and solar cells are made using this effect.

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