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What is the advantage of solar energy?

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What is the advantage of solar energy?
What is the advantage of solar energy?

What is the advantage of solar energy?


What is the advantage of solar energy?


The sun is a natural source of energy. The ability of every living creature on earth to function, even its existence, is due to the energy directly or indirectly from the sun. As a new energy source, solar energy has three major advantages compared to conventional energy:


First, it is the most abundant energy available to humans. It is estimated that in the long period of 1.1 billion years, the sun consumed 2% of its own energy, which can be said to be inexhaustible.


Second, on the earth, wherever there is solar energy, it can be developed and utilized on the spot. There is no transportation problem, especially for rural areas, islands and remote areas with underdeveloped traffic.


Third, solar energy is a clean energy source. When it is developed and utilized, it will not produce waste residue, waste water, waste gas, no noise, and will not affect the ecological balance.


Our planet is about 100 million miles from the sun. The radiant energy it intercepts is incredibly small (about three-tenths of a million), and that such a small amount of energy is actually a hundred thousand times greater than the current power generation capacity of the entire world. At present, the world, especially industrialized countries, is beginning to feel the energy shortage. Therefore, people began to resort to solar energy to solve the energy crisis.


Solar energy is a kind of radiant energy that we cannot use directly. Therefore, we must use sunlight to convert it.

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