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Solar energy is the first choice for new energy development

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Solar energy is the first choice for new energy development
Solar energy is the first choice for new energy development

Technical Principle:

Solar energy is generated by the fusion of hydrogen and helium atoms in the interior, which releases huge nuclear energy. It comes from the radiation energy of the sun. 

Most of the energy needed by human beings comes directly or indirectly from the sun. Plants release oxygen through photosynthesis, absorb carbon dioxide, and convert solar energy into chemical energy stored in plants. Coal, petroleum, natural gas and other fossil fuels are also a primary energy source formed by ancient buried animals and plants after a long geological evolution. The energy stored in the earth itself usually refers to the energy related to the heat energy inside the earth and the energy related to the nuclear reaction. 

Solar energy is the energy produced by the continuous nuclear fusion reaction of sunspots inside or on the surface of the sun. The average solar radiation intensity in Earth orbit is 1,369w/. The earth's equatorial circumference is 40,076 kilometers, so it can be calculated that the earth's energy can reach 173,000 TW. The standard peak intensity at sea level is 1 kw/m2, and the annual average radiation intensity at a point on the earth's surface for 24 hours is 0.20 kw/, equivalent to 102,000 TW_energy.



Basic Characteristics:


1. Solar energy is the most abundant energy available to mankind.
It is estimated that in the past 1.1 billion years, the sun consumed only 2% of its own energy, and there will be no significant change in the future billions of years. Therefore, the sun can be used as a permanent energy source for human beings, inexhaustible and inexhaustible. It irradiates the ground for 15 minutes, which is enough for the whole world to use for a year. 

2. Solar energy is ubiquitous and does not need to be transported. 
It is generally believed that in areas within 50-60 degrees north-south latitude, there are abundant solar energy available. As long as a certain initial cost is spent, a sum of money is invested to build a solar energy utilization device, the energy will be continuously delivered to your door, "free" supply. During the period, the branch needs to spend very little money on equipment maintenance. 

3. Solar energy is a clean energy source.
Harmful gases and waste residues produced by fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum will not pollute the environment when using solar energy, and will not emit any substances harmful to the environment. It is a clean energy source. Of course, after a large number of solar energy use, due to the full use of solar energy, the result will be a slight increase in the temperature of the environment, but this temperature rise will not cause adverse effects on the environment.
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