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See wind power, solar energy industry overcapacity?

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See wind power, solar energy industry overcapacity?
See wind power, solar energy industry overcapacity?

See wind power, solar energy industry overcapacity?

See wind power, solar energy industry overcapacity?

Now, as we all know, the extensive construction of wind farms has caused wind power consumption to become a very serious problem. The electricity that is sent out cannot be connected to the grid and can only be consumed within the area, causing serious waste. The demand for wind power market is declining and the wind is abrupt, and the problem of overcapacity has become quite prominent.


In 2011, it is estimated that about 10 billion kWh of wind power will be lost due to power grid dispatching restrictions, accounting for about 16% of the total installed capacity, of which Gansu has the highest power cut ratio of 25.25%, Inner Mongolia and Jilin respectively. It is 23.10% and 21.02%.
As early as 2009, the country has listed wind power equipment as one of the nine overcapacity industries, but the surplus in this industry was far less serious today. According to data released by the organization, the current domestic wind power industry capacity is estimated to be between 30 GW (GW) and 35 GW (1 GW = 1 million kW), and the overcapacity rate is above 50%.
Wind power equipment manufacturers such as Goldwind Technology and Sinovel Wind Power are also facing unprecedented challenges. They all hope to transfer domestic excess capacity through exports, but they immediately encountered a "double-reverse" stick. Fan prices have fallen sharply in recent years due to overcapacity and fierce competition. In just 4 years, the price of kilowatts of wind turbine units has also dropped from 7,000 yuan to more than 3,000 yuan. From the previous supply shortage, it quickly became a serious oversupply.
In 2011, the global total production of polysilicon was 240,000 tons. According to relevant data, China's polysilicon production in 2011 was about 83,000 tons, and the amount of solar-grade polysilicon imported from China was about 63,000 tons. The total amount is estimated to be 146,000 tons. However, the total world demand in the year was only 140,000 tons. The amount of polysilicon from local Chinese manufacturers and overseas importers has exceeded the total demand of the world.
From January to June 2012, domestic polysilicon prices fell more than 25%. According to incomplete statistics, only 43 of the 43 polysilicon enterprises that have been put into production are still in production, and the rest of the companies have closed production lines, with a stop rate of 80%. In addition to a few polysilicon companies such as Daquan, Luoyang Zhongsi, Jiangsu Zhongneng, and LDK, it is estimated that few can achieve low energy consumption and achieve breakeven. There are also many opinions that if there is no government funding support, there will be fewer companies that can support it.
Polysilicon is an important raw material for the manufacture of crystalline silicon solar cells, and it is also a very intensive part of technology and investment. As early as 2007, the global production of polysilicon was dominated by large companies such as Germany, the United States and South Korea.
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