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Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

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Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy
Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

Advantages of solar energy:


1、The biggest characteristic of solar energy is its huge energy. On Earth, there is no energy comparable to solar energy. Solar energy is the radiation energy released by high temperature nuclear fusion reaction inside the sun. The annual solar radiation energy reaching the earth's surface is about 130 trillion tons of standard coal, equivalent to 10,000 times the total energy consumed by the world every year.


2. Solar energy is a typical renewable energy. Moreover, it is the renewability of solar energy that determines the renewability of almost all other renewable energy sources. In other words, the renewability of almost all other renewable energy sources comes from the renewability of solar energy.


3. Solar energy is long-term in time. For human beings, it can be said that it is permanent and infinite.


4. Solar energy is extensive and is almost illuminated by sunlight on the whole earth's surface. 


5. Solar energy is completely clean energy and does not emit any polluting gases or harmful substances.


6.Solar energy is the only energy that can maintain the balance of atmospheric temperature without warming the climate.


7. Solar energy is the most safe and reliable energy source. 

8. The development and utilization of solar energy can keep the natural balance in an all-round way. 

9. The application of solar energy is not restricted by mining, transportation and storage conditions. We will also discuss the advantages of solar energy.



Disadvantages of solar energy:


1. Although the solar radiation energy is huge, the energy density of solar energy is relatively low because it is widely distributed on the earth's surface. To collect solar energy from a large area requires a large area of equipment and a large investment.


2. Because of the white rotation of the earth, the solar energy is intermittent. That is to say, for the same location, the solar energy received is discontinuous. This determines whether solar energy can only be used as an auxiliary energy source, or energy storage devices must be added. Therefore, it is necessary to increase investment. At the same time, it is very difficult to store energy on a large scale.


3. Because the weather is sunny, cloudy and rainy, this increases the discontinuity of solar energy, and at the same time makes solar energy random.


4. The distribution of solar energy on the earth is very uneven because the earth is round and because of its own motion characteristics.



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